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Cinema Club Membership Policies


  • Membership admits one person to all screenings and discussions of the current season only. Our door manager will hole-punch the show’s date from each member’s membership card upon admittance.
  • Membership cards are intended for individual use. Only one date may be punched from each card at any given show; the only exception being if the member submits the contact form found at the bottom of this webpage (choose the Guest Request “Regarding” option) to request bringing a guest to a future show using an unused punch on his/her membership card.
  • Membership cards are transferable. If missing a show, we encourage members to lend their membership card to someone else to use in their absence.
  • Membership cards for each city are mailed out all at once about 10 days before the beginning of the series. If you register between the time we send this mailing and the first show, we will contact you about how to receive your card. Prior to mailing the membership cards, we do not send confirmations of registration receipt. Our door managers will have a master list of all paid members in case you do not have your card. If you lose or do not receive your card, please submit the contact form at the bottom of this webpage to request a replacement.
  • The only promotional discount we currently offer – in select cities only – is for brand new members who have been referred by pre-existing members. Promotional rates are only available if the pre-existing member calls or registers by mail and are only intended for instances of referred new members who have never been in the club before. The pre-existing member must place the order– no exceptions.

Single-Show Memberships

If space permits (which is never guaranteed), $20 single-show memberships may be purchased from our managers at the door on the day of the screening only. Single-show memberships are only available if space permits. In our more filled venues, single-show members may need to wait until all present cardholding members are admitted.

Pro-rated Membership

After each show, if the program is not sold out, we will offer pro-rated memberships for all the remaining shows in that season. Pro-rated memberships will only be offered for all the remaining number of shows.


Membership refunds are only granted before the start of the series. To request a membership refund, please mail your membership card back to us with a letter explaining your request.


In the event of a canceled show due to weather, film print failure, or any other uncontrollable circumstance, the Cinema Club will reschedule the screening on a future Sunday morning that is mutually agreeable to the Club, the theater, theater employees, moderators, guests (if applicable) and our film distribution partners. Because of these numerous variables to consider, rescheduling options are likely to be limited. Notice of the initial cancelation, as well as notice of the rescheduled date, will be distributed to members via email and website; if you’re wondering whether or not your show has been canceled, choose your city from the drop-down menu on this website and if there is a notice, it will be prominent and obvious. No refunds will be offered for postponed meetings. If you cannot attend the rescheduled date, you may request a guest pass allowing you to bring a friend to a future Club meeting.

Member-Exclusive Website Content

When you first join the Club new members will be issued a log in and password for the Cinema Club website (you must provide an e-mail address to be assigned a log in). By logging in at the top right of the website Cinema Club members are granted access to member-exclusive content on this website.  This is benefit of membership and members are asked to not replicate or re-distribute member-exclusive content in any way.  Please note: users do not need a member log in to purchase memberships.  If you’re having trouble logging in it may likely be that this feature has been disabled between series (we usually activate log in about a week before the beginning of a new series). If problems persist, please use the contact form at the bottom of this webpage to inform us of the issue.


Many of the film distribution companies we work with require — at their cost and under their organization — security personnel to attend any advance screenings of their motion pictures. Distributors are concerned with piracy and security officers commonly use night-vision technology, bag searches, wanding, bag-and-tag checks, or other procedures to assure no recording devices are brought in to screenings. While we know our members are not engaged in this activity and we try at all times to assure distributors that our group should be exempt from security, it’s an unfortunate reality of running this sort of business in our technologically-advanced age. Thank you in advance for tolerating their presence and for your understanding. Our primary goal in running the Cinema Club is to preview the best independent and foreign films that are in release in the U.S. and this will, from time to time, mean secured screenings. To expedite possible security procedures (and to avoid pesky ringtones during screenings), we recommend not bringing phones into the theater.


Because we often show movies with mature themes (R rated or Not Rated), we would only admit someone under the age of 17 if accompanied by a guardian. Please contact us if you have specific age-related questions.

One final note

Cinema Club members and employees are guests at the theaters that host our programs. Please be respectful of this; we do not want to become unwelcome guests.