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Young Goethe in Love

102 minutes
  • Germany
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Germany 1772 -- the young and tumultuous Johann Goethe (Alexander Fehling) aspires to be a poet; but after failing his law exams, he is sent by his father (Henry Huebchen) to a sleepy provincial court to mend his ways. Unsure of his talent and eager to prove himself, Goethe soon wins the praise and friendship of his superior Kestner (Moritz Bleibtreu). But then Lotte (Miriam Stein) enters his life and nothing is the same as before. However, the young lovers are unaware that her father has already promised Lotte's hand to another man. Director Phillip Stazl ("Northface") returns to the very wellspring of Romanticism -- Goethe's autobiographical masterpiece "The Sorrows of Young Werther" -- and conjures up a beguiling and refreshingly innocent period romance.
90% - Nov 6, 2011
83% - Nov 6, 2011
Oct 30, 2011
88% - Nov 6, 2011
84% - Nov 20, 2011
Oct 30, 2011
92% - Dec 18, 2011
89% - Nov 6, 2011
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