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The World Before Your Feet

In select theaters
November 16th 2018
95 minutes
  • English
  • USA
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There are 8,000 miles of sidewalks, paths and roads in New York City, and for the past six years Matt Green has been walking them all–every street, every block, every pedestrian overpass, park lane and hiking trail. A journey that stretches from the heart of Harlem to the marshes of Staten Island, Matt’s walk is a pursuit of anything that catches his eye, be it a national landmark or a humble manhole cover. Over time Matt has amassed an encyclopedia of surprising New York trivia and underground history, informed by his own research and conversations with the amused but supportive New Yorkers he encounters along the way. Forgoing his former engineering job, his apartment, and most of his possessions, Matt sustains his endeavor through couch-surfing, cat-sitting and a $15 per day budget. He’s not sure exactly why he’s doing it, only knowing that there’s no other way he’d rather spend his days. Directed by Jeremy Workman, The World Before Your Feet is an authentic tribute to New York and the freedom to be found in the simple act of putting on one’s shoes and taking a walk outside.
Matt Green
Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Jeremy Workman
Executive Producer
Jesse Eisenberg, Allen Altman, Cathie Altman
Original Score
Carly Comando, Tom Rosenthal
Additional Music
Maz Avery Lichrenstein, Helen Jane Long, Rhonda Mackert, Haydn Miles
Lucas Verga
94% - Oct 14, 2018
85% - Oct 28, 2018
92% - Oct 28, 2018
83% - Oct 21, 2018
The World Before Your Feet © 2018
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