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The Sicilian Girl

115 minutes
  • Italy, France
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Based on the true story of Rita Atria and prosecutor Paolo Borsellino, THE SICILIAN GIRL tells the gripping story of a young girl who broke the code of silence -- the "Omerta" -- that enshrouds the Sicilian Mafia. On a November morning in 1991, 17 year-old Rita Mancusa (Veronica D'Agostino) marches into the District Attorney's office of Palermo, and demands to speak with the anti-mafia prosecutor (Gerard Jugnot). They had first met six years earlier, in her home village of Balata. At that time he was investigating an apparent mob-related slaying, and Rita's beloved father Michele (Marcello Mazzarella) was a respected leader in the community. Now her father is dead, as well as her brother (Carmelo Galati). Both men were members of the mafia; both men were assassinated by a rival mob. Rita demands revenge. This would be the first time a woman born into the mob would defy the "Family" and offer testimony about the nefarious activities of the Sicilian Mafia.
92% - Sep 26, 2010
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