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The Innocents

(Agnus Dei (Les innocentes))
In select theaters
July 1st 2016
115 minutes
  • French
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • France
  • Poland
Warsaw, December 1945: the second World War is finally over and Mathilde is treating the last of the French survivors of the German camps. When a panicked Benedictine nun appears at the clinic one night begging Mathilde to follow her back to the convent, what she finds there is shocking: a holy sister about to give birth and several more in advanced stages of pregnancy. A non-believer, Mathilde enters the sisters’ fiercely private world, dictated by the rituals of their order and the strict Rev. Mother (Agata Kulesza, Ida). Fearing the shame of exposure, the hostility of the new anti-Catholic Communist government, and facing an unprecedented crisis of faith, the nuns increasingly turn to Mathilde as their belief and traditions clash with harsh realities.
Lou de Laâge
Mathilde Beaulieu
Agata Buzek
Agata Kulesza
Mère Abesse
Vincent Macaigne
Joanna Kulig
Directed by
Anne Fontaine
Screenplay by
Sabrina B. Karine, Alice Vial
Adaptation by
Anne Fontaine, ascal Bonitzer
Cinematography by
CCaroline Champetier
Film Editing by
Annette Dutertre
Music by
Grégoire Hetzel
Production Design by
Joanna Macha
Art Direction by
Anna Pabisiak
Set Decoration by
Kinga Babczynska
Costume Design by
Katarzyna Lewinska
96% - May 1, 2016
92% - May 15, 2016
98% - May 15, 2016
99% - May 15, 2016
96% - May 1, 2016
100% - May 1, 2016
94% - May 1, 2016
The Innocents © 2016
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