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Sunshine Superman

101 minutes
  • English
  • USA
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Carl Boenish was possessed of an infectious — some would say "crazy" — enthusiasm that drove him to realize his dream of foot-launched human flight. His journey was filled with incredible achievements and daunting setbacks, with the distinct possibility of death at every turn. Known as "the father of BASE jumping," he documented his feats obsessively on 16mm colour film and audiotape. In her impressive debut, Sunshine Superman, director Marah Strauch incorporates this jaw-dropping footage into a complex portrait of Boenish as lovable, rebellious, nerve-wracking, and mysterious. His story takes on a perpetual feeling of awe and wonder through candid interviews with friends, family, and law enforcement adversaries alike.
Marah Strauch
Eric Bruggemann
Executive Producer
Alex Gibney
Vasco Nunes, Nicolay Pooulsen
Kevin Mcguinness
85% - Mar 22, 2015
Sunshine Superman © 2014
Magnolia Pictures