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Made In Dagenham

113 minutes
  • UK
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When we think of 1960s revolutionaries, the women of Dagenham don't fit the clichés – but these feisty, funny factory girls shook their world with spirit and courage, and achieved lasting social change (yes, even the grannies were "girls" to the men of Ford management and their own labor union). Based on a true story, Made in Dagenham portrays a decisive moment in that decade of upheaval, when the fight for equal rights and pay was led – unexpectedly – by ordinary working-class women with one foot in the kitchen, one foot on the factory floor, and ears glued to the pop coming over the radio and telly from far-off London (19 kilometers and a world away). It's a vintage "girl power" tale.
98% - Nov 7, 2010
97% - Nov 21, 2010
95% - Oct 17, 2010
94% - Nov 7, 2010
94% - Nov 21, 2010
97% - Oct 31, 2010
97% - Dec 5, 2010
95% - Nov 7, 2010
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