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By the Grace of God

In select theaters
October 18th 2019
137 minutes
  • French
  • France
  • Belgium
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BY THE GRACE OF GOD is the true story of three adult men- Alexandre (Melvil Poupaud), François (Denis Ménochet) and Emmanuel (Swann Arlaud)- who banded together to expose the code of silence that continued to enable a priest who abused them as boys. The three men will go to great lengths to denounce the perpetrator and the institution that has always protected him, a risky endeavor that will endanger the relationships with their loved ones, as well as compromise their own fragile selves. The true story upon which the film is based is an ongoing scandal in France, with Philippe Barbarin, Cardinal of Lyon, convicted in March 2019 for concealing the conduct of Father Preynat.
Melvil Poupaud
Alexandre Guérin
Denis Ménochet
François Debord
Swann Arlaud
Emmanuel Thomassin
Éric Caravaca
Gilles Perret
François Marthouret
Cardinal Barbarin
Bernard Verley
Bernard Preynat
Josiane Balasko
Writer & Director
François Ozon
Manuel Dacosse
Film Editing
Laure Gardette
Evgueni Galperine, Sacha Galperine
Production Design
Emmanuelle Duplay
Eric Altmayer, Nicolas Altmayer, David Ragonig
David Bertrand, Anaïs Duran
85% - Oct 20, 2019
100% - Oct 27, 2019
97% - Oct 6, 2019
92% - Oct 6, 2019
89% - Oct 13, 2019
By the Grace of God © 2018
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